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Field Guide to Forgiveness delves into a shifting landscape of memories that centers on loss, love, regret, and ultimately acceptance. With clarity of language and stark imagery, each poem provides a glimpse into the courage it takes to heal the past. Whether a poem about a tough childhood or one about marriage and a blended family, this body of work is a journey of self-discovery. Although rooted in the deeply personal, these poems also explore the timely topics of school shootings, police brutality, and the pandemic. Vacillating from tender longing to unvarnished realism, Field Guide to Forgiveness provides a map for anyone ready to tackle their own hidden terrain. 

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What happens when poetry, "rises off the cracked surface of grief?" Rebecca Watkins explores both the grief and what rises in her newest collection, SOMETIMES, IN THESE PLACES. The smooth motion and gentle imagery feels both deeply personal and wildly relatable, tackling dark concepts with sophistication and grace.If feels as though Watkins wants to let us into her house, watch with her all the dark news stories of the day, and then let us leave without solving any of the world's problems. She doesn't tell us it's all going to be alright, or that there's hope in the world, she doesn't have a moral to the story. Rather, she looks at us square in the eye and says, "this is the way things are." Or, in her own words, "I see no footprints in the sand but my own.”  - Unsolicited Press 

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Fire Enough

You Don't Have To Be Good: A Memoir

(A work in progress)

Rebecca Watkins’ memoir is the story of what happens when we return home with the hope of healing our past.

  • “His Life” Sin Fronteras, Writers Without Borders 

  • “The Day I Heard”  New Feathers Anthology 2020 

  • “Newark, Gate A” Milkweed Poetry Journal Vol. II

  • “Two Days in the Desert,” “Summer Rain,” “On Former 666” Red Mesa Review Vol. 12 

  • “Icarus’s Daughter” Promethean Vol. 36

  • “What Happens When You Mainline Fire?” Promethean Vol. 39

  • After Baghdad” Poetry in Performance Vol. 38

  • “Until Spring” The MT Cup Revue

  • “Burnt” Xray Vol. 2

  • “My First and Last Defense” and “Verses” Whiskey Island Magazine Vol. 43

  • “Praise Poem During a Pandemic” Featured in Nyack Poetry Walk 

  • “Embrace” Featured in Poets Respond to Art,  Arts Mid-Hudson Gallery 

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