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Tutoring & Workshops

With an M.F.A. in creative writing and an Secondary Education, I am a highly skilled and experienced teacher and tutor. My areas of expertise are narrative writing, college essays, and poetry workshops.


I have over a decade of experience teaching writing at both the college and high school levels. I have helped many high school seniors perfect their college essays which ultimately led to their acceptance at a school. 

Cost and time depend on what the student needs but most entail brainstorming, drafting, and revising until the student has an essay that they are proud of written in their own voice, about their own experience.

*Individual sessions are available online


I have led poetry workshops in many settings, ranging from an entire auditorium of elementary school students to a single class. Following the teachings of Kenneth Koch and other proven methods, I help students to remove their blocks about poetry and engage in an exploration of what poetry can be. Over the course of many years, I have had students express their awe and excitement that they can actually write poetry and enjoy it.  

As a high school teacher in the Bronx, I worked with the Student Press Initiative at Columbia University to compile and edit a book of poetry written by my students titled Voices for Equality. In addition, I taught poetry and led a student competition at the Holy Family Bilingual School and Our Little Roses Orphanage in San Pedro Sula, Honduras during a residency there.

I have taught several women’s poetry workshops and although I focus strongly craft, I am known for my compassionate teaching style. Lastly, I presented a program at the New York City Writing Project Teachers Conference about how teachers can better integrate poetry into their curriculum by making it more accessible and engaging for their students.

  • Workshop costs depend on the type of program.

  • Initial consultation is free of charge and once I understand your needs, a quote will be given.


“Rebecca Watkins led a poetry program at our school for two years. Her programs provided age and grade level appropriate information for students in grades 1-8. Rebecca has a wonderful rapport with the children, and she makes writing poetry fun and accessible for all! Rebecca's programs serve as a perfect complement to our regular poetry curriculum, I highly recommended Ms. Watkins' assemblies and poetry workshops.”

Andria Merlo Cometa,
Chairperson Northvale PTO Cultural Arts Committee

“Within the intimacy of the class, Rebecca helped me turn my informal journal writing into something that had more meaning for me. She encouraged me to finish pieces I had been avoiding finishing, and in so doing, I came away with a sense that writing was something I could do and liked to do. Rebecca was the first poetry teacher I had that introduced me to my 'core' writing place (within me) and gave me the courage and support to keep writing. I am grateful for what she taught me and I feel because of her positive encouragement, I am still writing today.”

Elizabeth Rose,
Poetry Workshop Participant

"Rebecca is very patient and attentive. She tailored her sessions to target my specific needs and took the time to thoroughly explain difficult concepts. Her lessons were engaging and she provided an encouraging atmosphere. Overall Rebecca's a fantastic tutor and I would highly recommend her work."

Katlyn R.,

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